Sunday, September 20, 2009

Full Steam Ahead...

I was awake from 3 - 4:30am this morning with so many things running through my head. I never thought my husband starting a new job last week (after 6 months of not working) would be more stressful than him being out of work. Maybe I am doing all this to myself, but we have a deadline, exact date unknown as it's the birth of a child, which according to my Dr. will be born in approx. 3 months.

I was trying to sort out all of the things that need to happen in my head at 3am. I really should of gotten up and written it down, instead of letting it swirl in my head with no order for 90 minutes...

We need to tackle the following in the next 3 months (sequentially in this order, at least for now):

1.) Buy shed for back yard (ideas of building on ourselves have long been thrown out the window), tuff shed here we come!
1.5) get rid of the 65 (?) MGB in our garage, would be a nice project car for someone, any takers, real cheap?
2.) Clean out the garage, yes this project was started in January is still a very pathetic work in progress. Some items from the garage will go into the shed.
3.) Install new shelving in garage and put down carpeting. Move items from our third bedroom, otherwise known as the 'office', into the garage.
4.) Get half Jack and Jill bath converted to a full bath, closing up the bathroom door to the office. The office will become Abby's 'big girl room'. We need to settle on a layout, buy a vanity, pick out tile and fixtures, but most importantly, pick a contractor...
5.) Paint Abby's new room and purchase new big girl furniture for her from Pottery Barn Kids. All of her stuff is on sale right now, yippee...
6.) Paint master bedroom since a closet door will be closed up (gulp, we are losing one of our closets) and we'll have some brand new drywall that needs painting.
6.5.) Buy new TV for bedroom. Steve hates this idea, but it will provide me with much needed escapism and downtime.
7.) Purge, purge, purge all the stuff we don't need and haven't used for years. I've already started this, but it will take some time. Many trips to goodwill are in order for sure.
8.) Get Abby's old clothes down from garage rafters, wash, sort through and get ready for baby # 2.
9.) Have baby
10.) Figure out where Abby is going to go to school full time starting in the Spring.
11.) Pray I don't 'lose it' during all this chaos...

And, I officially started my new job at work last week, finally transitioned out of my old one so no longer doing 2 jobs, whew! That should free up some much needed time.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Preschool Already?

I dropped Abby off at preschool today, for the first time. She’ll be 2 years old in a few days and we wanted to get her in an environment of increased socialization and with a wide variety of activities. I thought it would be easier than it was. I leave Abby with a nanny every day, so I thought this wouldn't be much different. I was wrong.

I had a hard time sleeping last night and kept dreaming of things I forgot to pack for Abby for her first day of school. Bleary-eyed, I took her to the school this morning; she was very clingy at first until she spotted the train toys (she loves trains right now). She slowly warmed up and then I was politely asked to leave. I was okay with this, I understand longs good-byes are not good for anyone.

An hour later at 10am, I called to check up on her and the director’s response was “Abby is doing great, there have been a few meltdowns, but not from Abby. They are starting circle time, so I would recommend if you come get her, 11am would be best.” I am counting the seconds until 11am when I can pick her up and see her again! Tick tock, tick tock…

Well, I picked her up. The little ‘Duckies’ class was going from the inside to the outside play area, and Abby was first in line behind the teacher with a huge smile on her face. She appeared to be very excited to be going outside to play. I must have surprised her because the moment she saw me, she started crying, then I started crying, we were both a mess. I couldn’t pull myself together enough to ask what she did that morning, I left her sippy cup there and forgot to pay the school. It will take a few weeks to get into the swing of packing her for school, remembering to collect all her things and check and see how her morning was. It was crazy today, but all in all a good experience for her. I’m hoping Thursday goes even better, especially since it’s her birthday…