Monday, November 9, 2009

Progress and Set Backs

We continue to make progress on our to do list. Perhaps it was a bit too ambitious and we are paying the price for it?? I'm not sure, but the past couple of weeks have been a bit difficult.

Shower Door Guy: I could have killed him, not literally, but I'm still trying to find his business listing on Yelp so I can post a review. He shows up unannounced, ready to install our shower door in our new bathroom. I clearly say "we are not ready to have that done today, there are still some things that need to be done to our tile first". He tells me "I'm just going to drill the holes", stupidly I believe him. Then he walks in with the actual shower door and I saw "I thought we weren't installing this today". He replies with "I'm just going to see if it fits". Total BS, because he installed the door, left without saying anything, and I was beyond livid. I called Steve at work, not like he doesn't have enough going on trying to learn a new job, dealing with my to do lists and occasional outbursts when I get overwhelmed.

Steve, who is generally mild manned, even keeled and an overall nice guy (we're a nice balance) was furious, mostly because the shower door guy completely disrespected what I had said. In hind sight, I should have kicked him out or called our contractor, but who would have guessed that someone would be so unprofessional and blatant about their complete disregard of my request. Writing this gets me all heated up again about it.

Then, come to find out, tile guy told us to enhance and seal our tile in the wrong order, so I love the tile, but it's not the color I wanted. Oh well... And our new couches were delivered yesterday and the delivery guys could not figure out a way to get them in our house. The only way possible (lifting over the fence) was out of policy. The couches went back to the warehouse and we are trying to figure out next steps (refund, forfeiture of sizable deposit if they can't deliver them, etc..). Poor Steve took the old couches out to the garage with his brother, who got a flat tire from the curb that jumped out in front of him while parking in front of our house, and brought them back in with our neighbor later in the day. At least we were able to really clean the floors under the couches and the wall behind one of them. And, on Saturday morning, the 1966 MGB left the premises and is no longer ours :)... Good things are happening, and I need to make sure to take the time to acknowledge and appreciate them.

All this with about 7 weeks to go until this baby is born. Possible sooner if I keep up my stress level, she is going to want to escape my unhappy body and I don't blame her. I actually think things will calm down once she gets here, b/c whatever is still on the list will have to wait, priorities will change.

In all of my drama and ranting about it, don't get me wrong, I know there are a lot of people out there who have bigger issues than dealing with new furniture delivery glitches, a bathroom remodel that seems like it's never going to end and shower door guy. We are just coming off an 18 month period of Steve being out of work for 11+ months of it. To some degree, I understand what others may be going through. We feel confident enough in both our jobs, at least for now, to tackle some long awaited for projects before # 2 arrives. We certainly did not leave ourselves enough time...