Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Never Ending Hope

We should all live our lives like Murphy the Golden Retriever. Murphy has hope all the time. He never remembers the disappointment or rejection he felt with previous experiences and always come to each subsequent experience with a heart (and sometimes stomach) full of hope.

Every time someone heads to the front door, he is hopeful he is going for a walk.

Every time someone opens the freezer, he is hopeful someone will give him ice to eat.

Every time Abby has a snack in the living room, he is hopeful she will drop some and he’ll be able to ‘bat clean-up’ when she’s done.

Every time someone grates cheese, he is hopeful some will jump off the counter and land on the floor for him to enjoy.

Every time we take him to the back yard, he is hopeful someone will throw the ball for him for hours and hours.

Every time he walks up to someone new on the street, he is hopeful they will pet him.

Every time he sees a US Postal mail truck, he is hopeful it’s our mailman Victor.

We should all lives our lives like Murphy, greeting each experience as if it was our first and opening our hearts to be full of hope. Murphy never stops believing he is going to get what he wants.

Have a great day!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to the land of the living – at least for a short time…

I’ve been absent, very absent. Work was busy, but there were also a few other things going on as well. Steve has not found a job and my self-inflicted stress is mounting. I can only imagine how he feels. Watching him deal with the California Employment office is nothing less than extremely painful. I do feel bad for all those out there who don’t know that calling everyday and being persistent will pay off. It’s a small pay off, but it will happen.

We also have some news. Abby is getting a little sister around Christmas time. Up until recently I have had zero energy, spent some time on ‘reduced activity’ and can finally brush my teeth without getting sick. The pile of fabric sits in the garage, lonely, but still neatly folded. All of the projects I was going to get to will have to wait. Right now, spending time with Abby and sleeping are my two biggest desires and priorities. In hindsight, we really should have started trying to have children sooner; I’m just too old for this… But… I’m going to be blessed with two daughters (lots of fun shopping in my future for sure), I have a flexible job that lets me spend time where/when I need to and a husband who has picked up the slack around the house while I nap regularly and sleep in every morning. Who could ask for more?