Monday, July 16, 2012

We Packed It All In!

Last week, Steve was at an offsite meeting in Napa from Tues-Thurs.  I thought we could combine that with a trip to my mom's (she lives in Napa)..  I put the kids in the car Thursday afternoon and drove to Napa,  We met Steve there and had a jam packed weekend.  And I mean jam packed, soo much fun!

The drive was uneventful.  I learned that Abby could be entertained for 2 hours with an iPhone.  I learned that Emily's attention span for the iPhone is waning and she really just wants to talk.  We had a 30 minute conversation about cup holders and then a variety of other topics.  I loved figuring out that Emily is my talker, she loves a good conversation.

Friday morning, my mom and I took the kids on an adventure.  We headed to Petaluma to the Mrs. Grossman's sticker store.  No tours on Friday's, but we raided their store.

Then, because the sticker store took about 20 minutes, we headed to Train Town in Sonoma,  Steve took Abby a couple years ago, now it was my turn.  We had a blast.  We rode the train, then the kids went on a couple rides.  

Emily wasn't so sure about the train ride before it started.  She smiled the whole way once we started moving.


The girls on the airplane ride:

The girls with Grandma on the carousel:

Friday afternoon, we enjoyed a little time in the pool...

Friday night Steve and I snuck in a little date night.  Our anniversary is in a couple days so we decided to take advantage of great restaurants in close proximity.  We decided on Ad Hoc and it was AMAZING!!  You can't chose what you want, they have one option for dinner and that's it.  They do do substitutions for vegetarian, gluten free, etc if that's what you need.

Saturday we all headed east and hit the Jelly Belly factory.  We went on a tour and then hit the shop.  I tried getting both girls in this picture, but Emily wanted nothing to do with it.  She had a kung foo grip on her Jelly Beans and didn't want anyone near them or her.  Abby graciously posed.

Saturday afternoon, we hit the pool again.  That night we celebrated Steve and my birthday's a little early.  I asked for champagne cake from Buttercream Bakery and was not disappointed!

Emily decided to feed Steve his cake.  I was laughing hysterically for a couple reasons while video taping.  1.) Steve's stomach was still a little upset from dinner the night before (nothing to do with Ad Hoc, we ate a lot and his stomach was in revolt) and 2.) he's not a fan of cake.  What a sweet daddy moment with Emily.  Watch Emily's face when she takes a bite herself.

Sunday we got up and were on the road by 7:45am to get back in time for Emily's first swim lesson at 9:30am and then Abby's at 11am.  

We can't forget Murphy,  His birthday was on the 15th,  Happy 8th Birthday Murphy!  He was with us too this past weekend.  Sorry for all the dog hair in your house Mom, he's a shedding mess right now!!