Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I have an older sister.  She is 18 months older than I am.

My youngest child (Emily) has an older sister (Abby).  Abby is 27.5 months older than Emily.

 (we need to get Emily her first haircut so the poor child can see)

Apparently, the memories of me following my older sister around all the time, wanting to do everything she did, get in her space when she didn't want me there, copying her every action and trying to 'share' toys escape me.  

It is beyond exciting and heart warming to watch a bond develop between my two girls.  They are different in many ways.  Abby is blue eyed, wavy hair and is fair skinned.  Emily has hazel eyes, board straight hair and olive skin.  Abby is sensitive, emotional and is very aware of everything that goes on around her.  Emily is tough, funny as all hell and misses some of the world around her.  Abby slept through illness and teething.  Emily will cry for hours in the middle of the night with a cold or teething.

Emily wants nothing more than to be just like her big sister.

As soon as Abby declares she's done with dinner, Emily will stop mid chew and declare 'I'm done' without regard to how much food she has left or how hungry she still is.

Heaven for bid, we try to get Emily into her car seat, without Abby in the car first.  Emily will kick and scream and kick and scream some more, unless she knows for certain Abby is coming along with us. 

We recently tried having the girls sleep in the same room at night together.  The first night was a total failure.  They wouldn't stop chatting and Emily got to the point of being over tired and really cranky, we had to separate them. They ask every night if they can sleep in the same room.

They are beginning to play together a bit more.  It's amazing to watch Abby pretend to be school teacher and Emily be the unruly student (she's 21 months and is not open to taking much direction from anyone).

I sure hope they continue developing this bond because it is a lot of fun to watch!