Monday, March 9, 2009

Coffee Murphy - Dogs by Bri

Murphy is our first born. I didn't give birth to him, but he's our first 'child'. He's a wonderful Golden Retriever that we love dearly. He's cuddly, he's very mellow and always has been, he loves butter/cheese/ice cream/lettuce and tolerates our 18 month old jumping on him. He will let you pet him for hours and hours and has convinced many people to do just that. He's mischievous and also a thief at times (steals items out of the changing table baskets in Abby's room, will steal my husbands socks, my flip flops and the occasional children's toy all to get attention). We personally think he is the best dog in the world!

My good friend Liz had a coffee painting done for us of Murphy and I love it. Brian Vegter of 'Dogs by Bri' did the painting and it's framed and proudly displayed in our home. The coffee paintings are very reasonably priced and he does such a great job.

This is the photo the painting was done from (that's Liz's dog Kiely next to Murphy). This is one of my favorite pictures, almost an impossible shot to get two dogs to sit still and look directly at the camera.

These are the 2 versions of Murphy that Brian painted. The first with just coffee and the second with coffee and ink. The just coffee one is the one we have. Doesn't it look like him! Someone else purchased the coffee and ink painting, Murphy is famous now...

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  1. Thanks for the props Susan.

    Love the write up.