Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Status Update....

We've been working hard, really hard over the past few weeks to get some things crossed off our list. The status update is below. Things are coming along nicely, whew!! But, I think I've been doing too much, couldn't shake a cold so it turned into a pretty massive sinus infection. Meds are kicking in and I am on the mend..

1.) Buy shed for back yard (ideas of building on ourselves have long been thrown out the window), tuff shed here we come! (check - purchased and installed)
1.5) get rid of the 65 (?) MGB in our garage, would be a nice project car for someone, any takers, real cheap? (seriously, anyone want this, REAL CHEAP!!)
2.) Clean out the garage, yes this project was started in January is still a very pathetic work in progress. Some items from the garage will go into the shed. (not yet started)
3.) Install new shelving in garage and put down carpeting. Move items from our third bedroom, otherwise known as the 'office', into the garage. (not yet started)
4.) Get half Jack and Jill bath converted to a full bath, closing up the bathroom door to the office. The office will become Abby's 'big girl room'. We need to settle on a layout, buy a vanity, pick out tile and fixtures, but most importantly, pick a contractor... (should be done late this week, early next week, yiipppeee. Fingers crossed, but everything has gone well, no surprises in our 60 year old house when they opened up some of the walls)
5.) Paint Abby's new room and purchase new big girl furniture for her from Pottery Barn Kids. All of her stuff is on sale right now, yippee... (almost check - furniture purchased, painting will be done tonight)
6.) Paint master bedroom since a closet door will be closed up (gulp, we are losing one of our closets) and we'll have some brand new drywall that needs painting. (check - done)
6.5.) Buy new TV for bedroom. Steve hates this idea, but it will provide me with much needed escapism and downtime. (check - I'm still not sure Steve likes this idea, but he purchased the TV)
7.) Purge, purge, purge all the stuff we don't need and haven't used for years. I've already started this, but it will take some time. Many trips to goodwill are in order for sure. (still working on this one, not sure I'll ever get to say 'check')
8.) Get Abby's old clothes down from garage rafters, wash, sort through and get ready for baby # 2. (waiting for all the furniture to be delivered before I can start moving clothes around)
9.) Have baby (thankfully this hasn't happened yet, 30.5 weeks today)
10.) Figure out where Abby is going to go to school full time starting in the Spring. (started working on this, have some appts setup, working on getting others set up as well)
11.) Pray I don't 'lose it' during all this chaos... (I've come close, but still managing day to day)

Some additions:
12.) get to the point where I don't have to visit the plumbing supply store anymore. Since I am one of the few and possibly only females that has been going there on a regular basis lately, they know me by name. (only 3 more things to come in, nothing that will stop our bathroom project).
13.) go on a business trip later this week. Thankfully it's only driving distance and just an overnight trip.
14.) make Abby's Fairy Halloween costume. perhaps I'll take it with me on my business trip, lock myself in my hotel room at night, order room service and get it finished.
15.) take a trip to a day spa to recover....

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  1. I know someone who is interested in the MGB in your garage! we just need contact information from you. my email is brittikay[at]gmail[dot]com