Thursday, December 10, 2009

Best Part of my Day!

The day started off not so great, but it recovered very quickly and I am thankful for my life and the little happy moments I can share with my family...

I switched jobs at the company I've been at for nearly 4 years a few months ago. My new position affords me the ability to work from home more which means stealing moments with my 2 year old daughter here and there.

Today I picked Abby up from school. She goes 2 mornings a week and the school is a mere 2.5 blocks from our house. In an effort to tire her out before her nap I walked to the school and let her walk home like a big girl. My husband has been working with her on identifying a curb, the street, cars coming, waiting for the cars to pass, etc. His work is paying off. Abby got to the first curb on our venture home, stopped and reached up for my hand. She then looked at me and said 'cars coming'. I melted.. I picked her up and walked her across the street because it happens to be a somewhat busy street (for a 2 year old to cross) and explained to her it was a 'big street'. We got to the next curb, she grabbed my hand again and said 'little street, cars coming?'. She knew the difference and we walked across the street hand in hand.

I'm fairly certain I'm under market in terms of pay at my current company. These are the priceless little moments you can't put a monetary value on and ones I would not get to experience if I worked a lot of other places.

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  1. So so sweet. Thanks for sharing. And you are right! Just today, Kaia called because she left something on the dining room table. For a second, I was irritated....then I felt so grateful I was able to be home and bring it to her at school at 9:15 am and not working somewhere.