Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ponies and Ponies and Ponies - Oh My!

Where have I been for the past few weeks?  I’m not even sure I can recount it all but here are the highlights:

1.) Busy at work with comp plans and quarter end activities.  Had a few 1am nights/mornings.

2.) Planned a very special little girl’s birthday party.

3.) This very special little girl wanted a ballerina pony party.  Where does she come up with these ideas?

4.) I started taking a class one night a week at the local community college to exercise the creative side of my brain.

5.) I’m almost done getting things up and running to get a home based business started.

6.) Made 20+ stick ponies (aka hobby horses) for the above mentioned little girl’s birthday party.

7.) Acquired the biggest and darkest set of under eye bags I’ve ever seen on myself.

8.) Also acquired some very special memories with my girls!  Priceless!

Here is the progression of the ponies (and a couple other extras thrown in).  The past few weeks have really been all about the ponies.  I enlisted the help of my husband to cut some fabric and sand the end of the pony sticks.  I’m sure he’s waiting anxiously for my next endeavor (as he mumbles under his breath “why do you do this to yourself?”).

And some extras:

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