Wednesday, February 18, 2009

BPA Free and Beyond

When Abby was about 6 months old, we started hearing about BPA and it's potential dangers. I thought the media and parents were overacting, but began to wonder if BPA was actually harmful. I spent an entire weekend doing research and decided that for our family we were going to be BPA free. This meant the 15+ bottles we had were to be thrown away/recycled and we had to purchase new ones. We were using Dr. Brown's and they had to come out with their non-glass BPA free bottles (and when they did come out they were hard to find). We bought a few glass Dr. Brown's to use in the interim. We threw away (or recycled where possible) sippy cups, plastic food containers, baby serving bowls, spoons and everything else we could find that contained BPA. This BPA cleanup prompted me to start looking at household cleaners, shampoos, cosmetics, laundry detergents and anything else that I could do to rid our house of possible dangers. Some people think I've gone overboard, but whatever I can do to keep our little one safe and healthy, I will do.

When our house is clean, it no longer 'smells' clean as fragrance in products can be potentially harmful and most of our cleaning supplies are now fragrance free.

Some of my favorite BPA free baby product brands and more people/environmentally friendly cleaning products include the following (not all products made by a certain manufacturer are BPA free, do your own research to confirm):
Gerber (dishes, sippy cups, utensils)
Sassy (teething toys, bath toys, utensils)
Seventh Generation (cleaning products, diapers and baby wipes)
Method (dishwashing liquid - go naked)
Avalon Organics Baby (shampoo and body wash)
Boon (suction bowls, utensils)
Earth's Best (food and diapers)

Next up on our list to purge is PVC (found in some vinyl products).

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  1. Hi Susan!
    I noticed on facebook that you have a blog. I've been doing one for almost a year now and enjoy looking at others. Your little Abby is so cute!

    I know what you mean in regards to BPA, we threw away a ton of bottles too. Of course, now that Alex is done with bottles there are a lot more BPA-free bottles on the shelf to choose from.