Monday, April 27, 2009

Buried in Spreasheets and PowerPoints...

I really do wish at times my job was a bit more glamorous than spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. I am in a branch of finance called Financial Planning and Analysis. I am not an accountant, I don't know tax laws outside of what pertains to me personally and I don't count beans.

I forecast, I budget, I track actuals, I have to understand and explain the actuals, and the budgets and the forecasts to the higher ups, I chase down information from my peers and I make sure all the numbers in the reports my team and I produce all tick and tie. It's a moderately important job, but I certainly don't save lives.

When I get together with friends, my day to day activities at work don't typically come up in conversation. I have a pretty impressive group of friends and they all have interesting stories: partner at a law firm practicing employment law, tell me she's not busy these days, a vet who does overnight emergency work in a very interesting part of the bay area, an HR professional who works for a VERY large retail company, etc, etc... They all have great stories, I do not. I get yelled at occasionally, I receive last minute requests all the time and have many late nights at the whim of executives. But, I actually enjoy what I do, most days. You'll just never hear me really talk about it.

I've not posted much here lately, because it's the time of year for me as tax season is for tax accountants. We are working on next year's fiscal budget and it's grueling. I promise to have more posts in May.

I was hoping to have a post in mid May about our wonderful vacation to San Diego. Per the pediatrician's orders, we may not be going due to it's proximity to Mexico. It's my understanding (and I've known to be wrong before), that the 2 meds they use to treat swine flu cannot be given to children Abby's age. I'm not sure I want to expose her to something like that because I want to lay by the pool in a very nice beach setting. Tahoe perhaps? We're still trying to figure out where we'll go or if we will have a stay-cation full of day trips to fun places...

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