Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby Emily (aka 'Baby Sister')

Emily joined our family on Dec 21st. She has been a true blessing, is very sweet, seems mellow and is pretty happy sleeping most of the day.

Big Sister Abby is thrilled to have a 'Baby Sister'. For a few months leading up to Emily's arrival, the wonderful woman who takes care of Abby during the week along with Steve and I, prepped Abby for 'Baby Sister's' arrival. 'Baby Sister, coming soon', was Abby's phrase of choice. Now that 'Baby Sister' is home, it's changed to 'Baby Sister is here'. Yes Abby, 'Baby Sister' is here!!

I used to think people who said their family was complete when they had the last of the children they planned on having, were a little too sentimental. I understand what that means now. With our two precious daughters, our dog Murphy and each other, I join the ranks of the sentimental and feel we can start really planning a future together as a complete family (Disneyland, here we come).

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  1. Congrats! What a sweetie. And how fun for Abby to be a big sister. Sounds like the transition is going smoothly! I wish I could say that we feel complete as a family....I keep going back and forth and I KEEP getting older! haha