Monday, June 28, 2010

Abby 3, Big Girl Bed 1

Yep, that's the score... So far Abby is ahead but I think we are closing the gap.

Saturday we decided to move Abby to a big girl bed. We were going to let her choose when she was going to make the big move, but an upcoming vacation is forcing us to accelerate this. We were going to rent a crib on vacation, but with the latest crib recalls, there is no way I'm renting one.

Saturday morning we moved her room around, installed a bed rail and made a really big deal about it. No nap on Saturday, it was all too exciting for her.

Saturday night, Abby was all set to sleep in her big girl bed. That is until she was finished with stories. She looked at her crib and said 'I want to sleep in my crib'. Daddy gave in.

Sunday nap time came around. I was tired so took this as a selfish opportunity for me to nap. I laid down next to Abby in her big girl bed and she tossed and turned, kept asking me what I was doing, put her hands on my face, put her face against mine, got on her knees and bounced on her bed, etc... Not the quiet time I was hoping for. After 90 minutes I put her in her crib, left her room and took 2 Advil. She didn't nap.

Sunday evening, I wasn't hopeful this was going to go well, but it did. I think she was tired and that worked to our advantage. I decided lay down with her again. It worked. Within 5 minutes she was asleep. After 10 more minutes I got up and left her to slumber. We weren't hopeful she was going to stay asleep, but not one peep from her all night. Not a sound, nothing! I couldn't believe it!

I don't typically wake her up in the morning, but I wanted to get to her first and make a big deal about her sleeping in her bed all night. She was so proud of herself and we were even more proud of her. She has been carrying her new My Little Pony around all day. It was her 'treat' for being such a big girl and sleeping so peacefully in her big girl bed all night.

Why is it that our children grow up so fast? She's no longer in a crib, and will likely never be in one again. She's a big girl, with big girl responsibilities sleeping in such a big bed. And it's big, it's full size instead of a twin.

Next up, potty training. Any tips or tricks?

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