Thursday, June 24, 2010


I am pathetic blogger. I had high hopes of sharing my stories, wisdom, laughs and failures with my loyal followers (all 1 of you, thanks April for sticking with me). Many times while working, or trying to sleep I come up with all of these wonderful things I should write about. When I finally get a chance to sit at my computer and write, I feel that what I have to say isn't all that important. BUT, then I read other blogs and it's amazing how many useful tidbits and life lessons I learn. I will try to average more than 2 posts a months, that's my goal. If it become 2.5, then I'll consider myself successful. Thanks for reading!


  1. Yup...I'm still here! I would love hearing more from you. I would also still love to try to schedule lunch sometime with Brenda, Kimmi, you, Heidi, and maybe a few others! I think it would be great to all get together with our kids.

    I used to get my best blogging ideas while I was driving and then always forgot about them when I would get home. Write them down and blog about will be glad you did. I love going back and reading my old posts from a couple of years ago. It is a great way to keep a journal during a time that is so busy and so tiring...but full of so many precious moments.

  2. Lunch would be fun! Especially since I missed the reunion... I'm going to have to keep a small journal with me, great idea!