Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Almost Didn't Do It

I received the email that I was next on the wait list to be enrolled.  I had 72 hours to act.  I found my log in and password, proceeded to enter all fields and hit ‘next’/’submit’ where prompted, up until the last final ‘click here to confirm payment’.  I paused. 

What if Steve has to work late that night
What if the kids need me
What if it’s busy at work
How can I manage all this right now
What if I fail

I’m not sure what is so difficult about me committing to 4 hours, one night a week, for 4 months to exercise the creative part of my brain.  To do something that I have wanted to do for 5 years.

If I don’t do this now, I never will.  I entered my credit card information, placed my mouse over that final button and clicked the darn thing.  I’m committed, I hope I get in.

What?  You ask?  I am hopefully soon to be enrolled at the local community college to take a graphic design course.  It’s been over 17.5 years since I last attended college.  Most of the other students are sure to be half my age or younger, gulp! 

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