Friday, September 14, 2012

Dear Abigail, oops I mean Dear Abby

(I wrote this a few weeks ago, just getting to posting it now)

Dear Abby,

No, this isn't a letter asking for advice from 'Dear Abby'.  This is a letter to my first born child the night before she starts kindergarten.  How are you almost 5?  How did the last 5 years whiz by?

On our porch before heading to school.

Walking to school, I had tears in my eyes taking this picture.

Abby, you amaze me.  You are a very sweet little girl.  You are always concerned about others, you sense when people are sad or hurt.  You are a rule follower (earlier today you told those two older girls at the pool that they were not supposed to go down the slide backwards, they were at least 3-4 years older than you, you believed in what you were doing and you weren't phased when they told you they didn't care,  I love how you shrugged it off and went back to playing).  You catch a lot of what happens around you and fight sleeping as to not miss anything.  You are at times goofy.  You love art projects and music.  Your favorite artists at the moment are Adele, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson and Madonna.

You are weary in new situations and are thoughtful before taking risks.  You are an amazing big sister to Emily.  You share her pain and her joy with her.  It's touching how supportive you are with her achieving milestones and you always keep her in your thoughts.  When I asked you earlier today if you wanted just mommy and daddy to take you to school, or if you wanted Emily there, you asked that Emily go too.  Precious!

I know you are worried about starting Kindergarten in the morning, but you are going to do great.  You love learning and I am very excited to see you learn over the next 2 decades (yes, you are going to college).

You are very decisive, are quick to make decisions and do not sway easily from the decisions you've made.  I love this about you.  One day I asked you if you wanted me to tell your teacher to call you Abigail (your given name) or Abby.  Abby it was and Abby it's been.

We will be here for you as you adjust to going to big girl school.  We want to hear about your feelings, your fears, your successes and your failures.

Abby, I am hoping your first day of Kindergarten is fantastic and isn't as scary as you think it's going to be.  We are proud of you and wish you nothing but happiness as you start your educational journey!


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  1. You surprise your Mother often, Susan, when you speak from your heart and I get tears in my eyes too.