Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Balancing Act

I have 2 kids. One is 3 years old, one is 8 months old. I work full time. Every day is a balancing act of trying to give them what they need; love, attention, food and clothing and also tending to some needs of my own; coffee, work, workouts, sleep, laundry, cooking and little bits of down time.

Lately it's been a bit crazy and I feel frayed, sensitive and exhausted. I am trying to find the humor in changing clothes in the car in parking lots as I go from Dr.'s appointment to work. Breaking a sweat trying to get my wiggly 8 month old dressed in the mornings. Doing as my knee Dr tells me and swimming for exercise, but then being told by the ankle Dr that I can't swim because it makes me ankle feel worse. Working to potty train a 3 year old while also having to work a good chunk of the weekend (thanks Steve for stepping up to the plate this past weekend, I know it wasn't fun).

I did do one thing right and 'outsourced' Abby's birthday party to a local kids gym. That was smart thinking and I really think she is going to have a great time (we've taken her for two trials runs to classes at the gym and she loved them).

Is this normal with two small kids in the house? Does it get easier over time? Will I get 8 hours of continuous sleep in a single night someday?

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  1. Yes you will get 8 hours eventually...but it did take me 7 years to get back into a pre-baby sleep pattern. But it is heavenly when it happens. Until then...hug and love on those two babies as much as you can and take pictures and keep balancing. You will get through it! Sounds like you have a great partner too!