Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Conversations With Emily

Abby and I have had some pretty interesting conversations for the past couple of years.  Emily and I are getting to that point now that she is really verbal and understanding a lot of the world going on around her.  Here are a few snippets of recent conversations...

Emily: "I have two sisters"
Me: "Really, who"
Emily: "Abby"
Me: (that was obvious, but I'm curious to see who she thinks her other sister is) - "who is the other sister"
Emily: "Murphy"
Murphy is our male dog.  Emily is really attached to him, talks to him and makes sure he is always close by. 

Me: "Emily you did such a great job at your Dr.'s appointment today, you get a sticker and a lollipop"
Emily: "Yeah, lollipop"
Me: "grab a sticker and a lollipop out of the basket"
Emily: (grabs two of each, then looks at me) - "for Abby too"
She always thinks of her sister whenever she gets something special, it warms my heart...

Stay tuned for more conversations with Emily.  This little girl has a wonderful sense of humor and is downright funny. 

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