Monday, June 4, 2012

More Conversations with Abby

I took Abby to her dance class this weekend, while Steve took Emily to her art class.  Saturday mornings are a bit crazy in our house trying to get everyone to their classes on time.  On our way to class, we were listening to the radio.  It prompted a spelling lesson.

Abby: "Mommy, turn up the music please"
Me: (turns up radio)
Abby: "Mommy, how do you spell Adele?"
Me: "A - D - E - L - E"
Abby: "How do you spell Madonna?"
Me: "M - A - D - O - N - N - A"
Abby repeats it back to me.  Forget trying to spell anything one might think is more age appropriate (she's 4 1/2).  I love how much Abby likes music already!  She's a fan of Lady Gaga too.

As we are listening to the California Girls song by Katy Perry...

Abby: "Who is Daisy Duke?"
Me: "It's not a person but a name for a type of shorts"
Abby: "What kind of shorts?"
Me: "Really short shorts, they sometimes show a little bit of people's bum bums"
Abby: "Shows bum bums mommy?  That's silly."
Me: "Yes, it's a little silly, some people can get away with wearing them, some people can't."
Abby: "I don't think I want to wear Daisy Duke's"
I'm going to hold her to this!

We went to the zoo recently and Abby had her own agenda for which animals we were going to see in which order.

Abby: "I want to see the giraffe's, the zebra's, the lions, the monkeys and then I want to go to the playground."
Me: "Do you want to see the kangaroos or the bears?"
Abby: "No thank you."

She had her map out and helped guide me through the zoo.  We had to alter the order just a bit (the monkey's before the lions), but it was fun to see her find the animals she wanted to see on the map and help guide me through the zoo.  I'm glad Emily is easy going and went with Abby's agenda, at least for now.

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