Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm Glad (Almost) No One Walked in on Me!

This isn't going to be as juicy as some might think, but it is funny!

I went to the break room/kitchen on my floor at work to put soup in the microwave.  A few minutes later I go back to retrieve my food and this is when the fun begins..

My low fat cream like soup decided to explode in the microwave.  Lovely!  It was everywhere, and I mean in every nook and cranny in the microwave.  One that is shared by a handful of people.  I have to get this cleaned up quickly I thought to myself.

I picked up the soup container to throw it away.  I get within 2 inches of the garbage and I drop it.  The remaining soup in the container splatters all over my (white soup on black) pants and the floor.  And also on the garbage cans.  Perfect!!

I really hope no one walks in on me cleaning this up, it's EVERYWHERE!

I hear footsteps, CRAP!  Thankfully it is a woman on my team, who I adore working with.  She looks at me, she looks at the microwave, then at my pants and says "what happened?".  I laughed through the story as she helped me clean up my big 'ole goopy soup mess. 

No one else walked in while I was cleaning up the soup explosion of the century.  I'll be heading home now to finish the rest of my work day in clean, non-soup laden pants.

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