Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Conversations with Abby

This one is a zinger. 

I don't recall thinking boys had cooties until I was at least in first or second grade.  Boys still thought girls were cool until then too. Apparently times have changed.

Me: "Abby, who did you play with at school today"
Abby: "I played with A and B", both girls
Me: "Abby, do you ever play with the boys in your class"
Abby: "No Mommy"
Me: "How come?"
Abby: "Boys make girls sick"
Me: "Who told you that?"
Abby: "Someone in my dream"

Abby will uphold rules like no one else.  If someone isn't behaving in class, she will tell them to listen to the teacher and behave.  When it comes to ratting someone out who told her something, she won't budge.  She will make something up.  While I appreciate this loyalty to her friends, I think it might cause some problems when she is a teenager.

Sometime soon I'll be able to post "Conversations with Emily".  Right now she is grunting, whining and pointing to communicate with a handful of one syllable words thrown in.  Her communication style is age appropriate, but it does not translate to blog form very well...

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