Friday, May 6, 2011

She Broke My Heart

I guess this is what being a Mom is all about.  When something happens to your child that devastates her (all relative of course for a 3 year old), your heart breaks too.

Steve got home from a business trip last night.  He typically brings backs little gifts for the girls and it is something Abby always looks forward too.  Neither Steve or I travel frequently, so it's a rare treat.

Steve brought Abby back a snowglobe and it lasted all of about an hour and a half in our house.  Abby loved that snowglobe in the short time it was with her.  She has a very special bond with her Daddy and anything he brings her is just perfect in her eyes. 

I told Abby she needed to be really careful with the snowglobe because it was glass.  That she needed to keep it on the table or her dresser or it would break (see where we are heading here). 

Abby took the snowglobe back to her room and a couple minutes later she starts screaming, blood curdling screaming.  I run back and find her standing over the broken snowglobe screaming "I broke it, I broke it". 

The first thing I do is pick her up to make sure she doesn't step on any glass..  She's free of any glass fragments, but still screaming and crying.  I sit down with her and we both cry.  I know how much that snowglobe meant to her.  I know she misses her Daddy when he travels and it was the first time she had a snowglobe and she loved that thing for everything it represented (her Daddy, her Daddy thinking about her when she was away and a new experience for her). 

I know a bit dramatic perhaps, but she was devastated.  Is this what it is going to be like when she gets her heart broken, or if kids make fun of her at school, or when she doesn't get something she really wants in life (into the college of her dreams or the job of a lifetime)?  If we are both this upset about a snowglobe, how are we going to handle something bigger? 

A recent picture of my princess with another princess. 

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