Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Made Some Stuff Just for Fun - Necklaces

Work has slowed a bit.  I'm through the thick of it for at least a few months.  As a result, I have a few spare minutes each day to do some things I enjoy.  My latest creations are these 100% sterling silver necklaces.  I like how they turned out, but have some work to do on the technical side of assembling. 

All the parts of the necklaces came in raw form.  I twisted wire, put jump rings on, attached clasps and circles and stones.  It was a lot of fun and nice to have a creative outlet. 

The 3 largest blue stones are real turquoise, the small blue stone on the left is a pretty Blue Chalcedony and the small yellow stone is a cheery yellow Chalcedony.  Sorry for the bad picture, it was with my cell phone in a hotel room.  I have some green amethyst and quartz to work with next. 

Next up: a few more necklaces and then some more fabric zippered accessories bags. 

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