Friday, June 10, 2011

My First Big Commissioned Project

I've been trying to get a little idea of mine off the ground, for over a year.  Any spare time I've had is taken up with kids or work.  I decided that I needed to commit myself to something small and go for it.  I needed something with a deadline that wasn't flexible and I needed a firm commitment so I would be forced into it.

I sprung this idea onto a co-worker of mine who is throwing a bachelorette party for her sister in San Diego in 8 days.  A week ago I asked her if I could make something to be included in the favor buckets they are giving away.  She was a little hesitant at first, but I think I finally wore her down.  I am doing them at my cost, for a couple reasons:

1.) I really enjoy working with this person, she really is just wonderful.
2.) I can't ask her to pay for something that I've inflicted on her.

I am making little zippered pouches (enough to hold credit cards, money and lipstick) and cute little necklaces to match the color theme of the weekend; purple, yellow and gray.  What a great color combination.  I found this fabric by Michael Miller that will fit the bill!  I may add some accent fabric in solid gray and yellow.  I also ordered zippers in the 3 theme colors as well. 

I'm likely going to be doing a lot of cutting and sewing and gluing over the weekend.  I'll post more pictures on Monday on the progress I've made.  I am really looking forward to doing this.

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