Thursday, June 2, 2011

Juggling Act

As a corporate finance professional, fiscal year end is always a blast (please re-read with sarcasm).  12-14 hour days, tracking down revenue entries, daily reporting of where we think we'll land, etc, etc.  Sounds utterly fascinating huh?  If I talked about my job to most people, their eyes would glaze over, some might even fall asleep, but it does get pretty intense.

During this fiscal year end period, my Memorial Day weekends are always work focused.  I do try to carve out some time for family and this weekend was no exception.   Saturday and Sunday were pretty crazy...  They looked like this:

8:30am - 10:am at the gym with the kids.  I only got in a 30 minute workout because Emily decided that screaming at the top of her lungs in the kids center was a good idea.  We waited for Abby to be done at 9:30am and socialized with friends for another half hour.

We zoomed home to get Abby a snack and changed for Dance Class from 11-12.  At 11:45 Steve shows up to dance class with Emily, after having gone to buy a birthday present and I head off to get my hair colored (skunk stripe of gray loveliness, be gone!).  I get home at 2:45, and turn around at 3:00pm to take Abby to a birthday party from 3-4:30 (she had soo much fun).  Then we leave the party at 4:30 to take the in-laws their car at the airport, head home, make the girls dinner, give them baths and they are fast asleep. All throughout the day, I'm checking/sending emails, talking with my team, making sure things aren't blowing up on the work front. 

Sunday, Steve started BBQ'ing at 9am, and make the most wonderful pulled pork and smoked brisket I think he's ever made.  He gets pretty stressed out when he cooks, so I try to give him space.  My family shows up at 11:30am, I make some coleslaw and mac and cheese, we visit, I check emails, send emails, we eat, we play in the backyard, visit some more, etc..

During busy times like this, I typically burn the candle at both ends, especially when the busy time falls on a holiday weekend.  Somehow we manage, I get in fun time with my girls, I get my work done, I get less sleep than I need, but have the memories of the girls laughing and playing to carry me through.  

I know at one point I may look back and think I worked too much and missed too much of Abby and Emily's younger years.  I hope I don't, but it is possible.  Until I have that epiphany, I'll continue the juggling act to try to squeeze in as much time with them as I can and enjoy the challenges at work as well.

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