Friday, March 11, 2011

Additional Ways I Make it Easy on My Kids When I Travel

In addition to the things I normally do that to make it easier on my kids when I travel (see previous post here), I added a few to my repertoire that had a positive impact on my girls.

  1.  I let Abby help me pack my carry on for my flight.  She was very excited about being able to ‘help mommy’ and put my power cords in one bag and my makeup in another.  I even have a couple pieces or her artwork that she insisted I bring with me. 

  2. I purchased a recordable book from the local Hallmark store where I recorded my voice reading a story.  When they woke up the next morning and I was gone, Steve gave it to them and they loved it, and I mean loved it!!

  3. I purchased a web cam.  We used Skype with the girls so we can see each other.

  4. I took extra time to play the day the day before I left.  Abby and I danced (which really meant swinging her around while holding on to her hands).  Emily and I sang many renditions of Rock-a-bye baby, complete with exaggerated movements to mimic the words of the song (blowing on her for the ‘wind’, pretending to drop her when the ‘cradle does fall’).  She was laughing and asking for more in her own way.  There really is nothing better than the sound of my children laughing!  Other than walking in the door and seeing their smiling faces again, of course....

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