Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Where Am I?

I'm still trying to figure that out as we speak.  Where am I?  I am embedded in my kids lives.  I am worried first and foremost about making sure their needs are met, both emotionally and physically.  Going to grocery stores, making sure they have clothes in the correct size to wear for the correct season, making sure all Dr's appointments are made and attended (easier said than done), making sure they get the social exposure they need while also gauging when they need a little down time.  This is where am I today. 

I came across a blog post about a woman whose kids are getting old enough to allow her to get reacquainted with herself, to think about what she personally wants to accomplish. 

Hello, Me, Long Time No See

This is to be a novel concept for myself and a handful of my friends who are in the thick of it with young children.  Are there enough hours in the day to accomplish the things that fulfill us personally, that is not related to diapers and errands, and keeping fast moving and mischievous toddlers safe.  Based on the blog post "Hello, Me, Long Time No See", I have a few more months to go, when my youngest will reach the 19 month mark.  I'm getting excited about the possibility of regaining some of my time back to focus on me.  The ideas are swirling in my head, I can't wait!  I am not going to feel guilty about being excited about this either, at least I'm going to try.. 

A much more literal 'Where Am I?' post coming soon....

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