Monday, March 28, 2011

India Acquisitions

From one of my favorite stores, Anohki...

Patterned Pashminas (blended with silk).  So soft and beautiful and pennies on the dollar vs what you would pay here.

My purchases from an outdoor market where you buy directly from the people who make the items.  These shoes were the best deal ever, only $4.50 a pair

A little two piece dress for Abby:

A very slinky silk scarf and the best Dal in the world (I ate the real deal at the restaurant and it was amazing):

I'm thinking pool/beach cover up for this one:

A little dress for Emily and some sparkly shoes for me:

And no rug this time, which means I'll remain married (more on this in a later post). 

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  1. I love that second tunic blouse! So flowy and pretty. And those shoes for $4 something. A steal. Love your goodies.