Monday, March 28, 2011


Whew, what a week! 

Here are the highlights:

1.) Our regular nanny was on vacation last week

2.) Our fill in nanny was sick last Wednesday

3.) We needed to quickly find fill in nanny for our fill in nanny on Wednesday

4.) Steve is going through quarter end at work (i.e. extremely busy time for him).  For two weeks he has mtgs from 5pm-7pm every night.  This means regardless of what I have going on, I need to be home by 5:20pm.

5.)  My work has been insane!  A somewhat sticky data issue came up last week and I'm still working to resolve it.  Our first draft of our FY12 budgets are due next week.

6.) Both girls have colds

7.) The dog is in itchy hell.  He's been battling some sort of skin allergy for 4 months now (and $1000 later).  This causes him to itch all night, which means both Steve and I get woken up regularly.  Murphy will be sleeping in the living room tonight. 

8.) Miss Em is going through some sort of developmental milestone and she is Crazy with a capital 'C'.  I love it, but nighttime has been a bit of an issue lately. 

The work and the colds are still here, but my perspective is changing.  Steve and I had 'date night' this past weekend.  The stress and feelings I had been keeping bottled up were finally able to be communicated.  We are both under a lot of pressure these days, but at least I have a plan now and I feel like we are in it together.  This is Progress!!

And, the sun is out today in full force, with 76 degrees expected here on Thursday, whoot, whoot!!

Pictures of my India purchases coming soon!  Most of the stuff is still packed, so this promise to you will at least get me to finally unpack (I got home from over a week ago).

Happy Monday and I hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. Love that you and Steve took time for date night. Being a team makes it so much easier to deal with all the stresses of job and family life!