Friday, March 18, 2011

Seat 11A

The next few days of blogs will be from my 10 day trip to India.  I'm back now, it's 3am local time and I'm wide awake.  Ahh, the power of jet lag.  There was a 12.5 hour time difference between where I was and home. 

Seat 11A:

Here I sit in seat 11A on Singapore airlines flight 001.  Seat 11A and I will become good friends as we will spend 18+ hours together.  I plan on sleeping a good chunk of this time as we departed SFO at 12:05 am, the night after a very exhausting weekend at home.

My view from seat 11A (It was actually quite comfortable)

Why is it, the day before this working mom was to leave on a 10 day work trip, my sweet sweet Emily develops a 104 fever and vicious sore throat.  The poor thing was up all night vomiting, shaking, having to take cool baths to get her fever down and very, very unhappy.  My heart broke as I rocked her and  she quietly wept at 3am, tears streamed down my face.  How was I supposed to leave this child in this state in less than 24 hours.  Would a working Dad consider staying home? 

Saturday night was the worst for Emily.  Sunday after she woke up, she was much better.  We took her to the Dr. and he confirmed she had a viral sore throat and fever, it would last 3-4 days and she would get better as each hour passed.  We asked him if I should stay home or go on my trip he said without hesitation, ‘yes, you should go, it is a virus and should pass’.  Steve and I also talked about it and decided I would go. 

During the day on Sunday Emily was tired, but feeling much better.  I was still hesitant to leave but found myself in seat 11A, wondering how, other than sleep, I am going to pass 18 hours of time.  Perhaps I’ll watch many movies (my choices include The Kings Speech, Black Swan, Love and Other Drugs, Tangled, True Grit), read my kindle, get some work done and decompress.  And, worry about my sweet Emily. 


  1. umm what kind of seat is that with leg room?!

  2. April, fortunately it was business class on an international long haul flight. This equates to much bigger and more comfortable seats than you'd see in first class on one of our domestic carriers. After this flight, I had another 6 hour flight from Singapore to Bangalore India, after an 8 hour layover in Singapore. Quite the trek!