Monday, April 18, 2011

Conversations with Abby

Abby and I had a very special morning this past Saturday. We went to the farmer's Market and then to the mall. I loved it.

(Taken before going to a ballerina birthday party this past weekend.  Note the slouching.  This is the best of 5 pictures I took).  

Abby has always been a very verbal child and now that she's a little older and her comprehension of what is going on around her has increased, the things that come out of her mouth crack me up. Here are just a handful from my time with her on Saturday...

This morning at breakfast as we were talking about what we were going to do for the day.
Abby: "Is it a Marissa (nanny) day or a mommy/daddy day?"
Me: "It's a mommy/daddy day"
Abby: pause and I could tell she was thinking about something
Me: "Do you like Marissa days or mommy/daddy days better?"
Abby: "Marissa days"
That made me feel both happy and sad!

Out of the blue, while we were on our way to the farmer's market:
Abby: "Mommy, did you know that squirrels don't have eye lashes".
Me: "really"
Abby: "yes mommy, they don't". In a tone that insinuated I should have known better.
Me: "Abby, where did you learn that?"
Abby: "From the squirrels"
So I came home and looked it up on line and squirrels DO NOT have eyelashes. Hmmm..

After taking a big swig of water, Abby let out a huge sigh, followed by "I love germs"
Me: "You know what, I think they love you to"
Abby: "what?", I think my sarcasm was lost on her.
I am a little concerned she loves germs though. I will see how this one plays out over time, because with Abby, it is sure to come up again.

At the farmer's market...
Abby: "Mommy, can we buy some flowers?"
Me: "Sure, I think that would be nice"
Abby picks out two bunches of tulips and says "these are for daddy"
I'm feeling the love, feeling the love.

Later in the day right before bedtime...
Abby: "Mommy, I want a brother"
Me: "But you already have a sister"
Abby: "I know, but I want a brother, my friend 'C' has a brother, so I want one too"
Me: "Sorry, Abby all I could find was a sister"
Abby: "Ok, Mommy, maybe next time"

I really hope to continue these conversations with Abby. I hope that during the teenage years, she still feels like she can talk to me. We'll see what happens.

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