Friday, April 1, 2011

The Week in Review

There were highs and lows.  Overall, I'm glad this week is over, because we are going to have some much needed family time this weekend.  Abby and I are going to go shopping for outfits she needs for upcoming birthday parties (think ballerina, princess and gymnastics parties).  We are going to go to the farmers market and make some healthy strawberry kiwi muffins.  The four of us are going to try to hit the park together and take Murphy on much needed walks.  I can't wait!!!

Back to the topic at hand - The Week in Review.  The week started off with trying to reconcile the same revenue #'s across four different data sources and nothing was making sense.  The good news is that my excel skills are back up at stellar level, the bad news is it was all for nothing (one of the data sets I received was wrong, so I had to scrap all the work and need to start over).  I'm having trouble delving back into this head first.  I will pick it back up on Monday. 

Thursday night, as I was getting my hair hair cut, I read an email on my iPhone stating that we were being given 6 more weeks to do our budgets for the upcoming fiscal year.  I almost fell out of the chair.  Literally, the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders.  The data issue mentioned above meant I was going to have to work all weekend.  I don't need to anymore, whooo hooooo! 

The 6 week extension happened the same day I took my Buddha statue to work, is there a correlation? 

Organization changes that will make my team more effective are taking place.  I am looking forward to being able to share the news with them!  I've taken a beating on several occasions to get this in motion and I am hoping the rewards are worth the battle scars!

Steve's work schedule was intense.  He was at work until 7:30/8:00pm every night for the past two weeks and got home at 12:45am this morning after closing out another quarter.  He is typically around to give the girls their baths in the evenings, so they really missed him. 

Earlier today, I got word that Abby was being sassy, wasn't listening and was whiny.  We learned that she misses her Daddy.  I was happy to let her know that she will have a Daddy filled weekend (and Mommy too). 

I hope my weekend lives up to my expectations.  I am really looking forward to it!

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