Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Extreme Couponing" - I Just Don't Get It

My name is Susan and I am a reality show junkie. There I said it. I like mind numbing TV. It's an escape and a way to wind down at the end of the day. It takes much less brain power to watch reality shows than it takes to watch CSI.

I watched a couple "Extreme Couponing" episodes this week. I was really hopeful I was going to learn a thing or two.

Two episodes down and I think I'm done. It's a bit weird how these people buy as much as they can with the coupons, to the point where the so-called 'stockpile' was taking over the house for one family. One woman was feeling very anxious as her groceries were being rung up, it's grocery shopping people, not a job interview or open heart surgery. Another had to call friends to the grocery store in order to save more money.

I do understand these are hard times, I do. People are doing what they can to get by. There is however a limit. I'm not sure I spotted one organic item, and very little fruits and veggies. I am still wondering what one family can do with the 60+ bottles of mustard they purchased in one outing. And 5+ boxes of Texas Toast, who needs that?

A show that highlights it takes some women 6 hours to plan a shopping trip isn't really all that tangible for me, I barely have 6 minutes to draw up a list for the store..

"Extreme Couponing" reminded more of "Hoarders" than anything else.

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