Monday, April 4, 2011

Getting Ready for Easter

I scrapped a few of the things I had planned for the weekend, so we could start getting in the Easter spirit.

Instead of making healthy strawberry - kiwi muffins, we made Easter themed rice crispy treats:

Instead of shopping for outfits for birthday parties Abby will attend over the next 3 weeks, we made an Easter egg garland (sorry for the poor lighting):

Instead of going to the Farmer's Market, we just purchased all of our produce from Whole Foods (we were going anyway) after the kids were asleep, so we could decorate this Easter tree.

We splurged on some silly bunny ears at Walgreens (complete with a forced smile):

We also hit the park, rode bikes, played in the back yard and spent some good quality family time together.  Both Steve and I even worked a bit to (boo, hiss, but we have to pay the bills)... 

My favorite part of the weekend was Abby saying over and over again while decorating the Easter tree, "wow, this is beautiful".  So pure and from her heart, it was awesomely perfect! 

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