Thursday, April 28, 2011

Paper Cuts

There are a handful of things that have happened to Abby over the past year that have been difficult to explain. 

1.) Describing what was going to happen to her when she had her blood drawn this past winter

2.) Trying to explain that vacation was three weeks away.  Three weeks was not a concept she was able to grasp easily. 

3.) The latest was a paper cut she received last night while getting a book out for me to read at bedtime. 

Those paper cuts hurt so darn bad!  The pain made her scream and the when she saw the blood she screamed more.  After 5 minutes, a cold cloth, some pressure on the wound followed by two (not one, but two) Tinker Bell band aids she was at least able to catch her breath. 

Her bedtime routine was a little longer than normal today, as we talked a lot about her paper cut and her band aids.  She kept asking me why the paper cut her, thinking the paper did it on purpose. 

15 minutes after she fell asleep she woke up and belted out "thank you for my special band aids", then went right back to sleep.  She earned those special band aids for her very legitimate "ouchie". 

Here's hoping everyone has a paper cut free day!

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