Friday, April 8, 2011

Dying Easter Eggs & Boxer Shorts

Martha is doing Silk Dyed Easter Eggs.  It doesn't appear to be too involved, other than perhaps having some silk boxers on hand???  Oh, or silk ties or shirts or dresses.  The silk boxer thing stuck out for some reason.  Who wears silk boxers and who wants them wrapped around something people might potentially eat?  I digress...

They are beautiful though!

If you want to go the green route, here is a technique for Vegetable Dyed Easter Eggs.  I wonder if using onions makes the eggs take on the scent of onion?  Anyone know?  Please note in these instructions, when they suggest putting the vegetables in a pan of water, it means one vegetable per pan.  I am so darn literal, I likely would have put all veggies in one pan, and made funky colored eggs and vegetable soup at the same time. 

If you want a different spin on eggs, try tie dying them.  Seems fairly easy, probably better with older kids (involves squirting food coloring on eggs).  I can't imagine my 3 year old doing this. It would be a big mess, but they sure look nice.

We will likely use an egg dying kit from PAAS.  They have over 20 different types of (very easy) egg coloring kits. 

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