Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blog Hopping and Blog Shopping: My Favorites

What an amazing web (pun intended) you can weave from reading a single blog.  One day I found myself bouncing from one blog to the next and coming across a number of purchasable items that I found just wonderful.  These bloggers are a creative bunch of people.  Making me feel inadequate that I create financial models and not beautiful goods such as the ones below.  Thankfully, all of these are for sale!!

Funky Vintage Kitchen sells these necklaces, aren't they lovely?

 The Pleated Poppy sells these scarves (bought this exact one yesterday):

Garnish sells wonderful packaging and has a lot of great ideas!  I use their brown kraft paper as gift wrap (0.25 a sheet, they are currently out of stock, but check back).  Cheaper that the usual gift wrap and it's the perfect backdrop for fun ribbons, stamps and a child's crayola drawings. 

Soup Swap Packaging if you are doing a neighborhood soup swap.  A great idea during this cold weather. 

Children's Party Table, isn't this fantastic!

Olive Manna sells textile and paper goods.  Very clean lines, great stuff! 

Divine Twine - is all the rage right now

Lovely Stained Wooden Gift Tags...


  1. Love all your picks. I love Garnish. Just found them. And nice job getting a scarf...those are hard to come by! :)

    Thanks for listing me in your favorites.

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