Friday, February 25, 2011


It was a long week.  It started off challenging and progressively got better over the course of the week, work wise.  I was able to shuffle responsibilities around, give people new challenges and see a bit of renewed energy toward the many hurdles we have to climb in order to reach a good place. 

On the home front, I let the stress of work get to me and there are a couple instances where the punishment did not fit the crime with my kids.  I loudly (not quite a tell) told Emily "NOOOOOOO" when she took two dirty containers out of the recycle bins in our kitchen and put them in her mouth.  YUCK!  I was short on patience one morning trying to get everyone ready for the day and curtly told Abby to eat her breakfast or she wasn't going to get to play with her barbies.  She couldn't answer because she was eating and then proceeded to get upset.  I don't blame her!  We all recovered, I showered them with love and we are almost back to normal. 

I keep trying to find balance between work and family and the things I personally want to do.  I'm not sure balance can be achieved with kids so young and a job so demanding.  People keep telling me it gets easier once the kids get older.  I think I'll hold on to this chaos as long a possible, so my kids don't grow up too fast.  I'll do my best to keep the stress from both work and family compartmentalized and revel in the fun times a little more. 

Happy Friday Everyone.  To those of you on the Bay Area - enjoy the snow!

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