Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tuesday: 2 Cookie Day

The day started off with a very unhappy 1 year old, crying out at 1am.  She has teeth coming in and was not happy.  It was a pleasure seeing her during the night.  I especially loved it when she fell asleep resting her head on my shoulder.  There is nothing more precious than this feeling, a little ones breath, my little ones breath on my neck as she takes a breath in and out, while she sleeps. 

After I got Emily back to sleep, I tried desperately to go back to sleep myself.  My mind was racing about all of my work to do's.  Instead of laying in bed awake, I got out of bed and worked for a couple hours.  I figured my restlessness was productive instead of getting increasingly annoyed as the time ticked away on my clock.

I started the day tired and it went quickly downhill during my morning meetings.  It took me a while to recover.  Thanks goodness for the people I work near.  They helped me overcome hurdles and get through the day.  A crass joke by one of my co-workers definitely changed the mood, for the better. 

I grabbed lunch and added a nice chewy chocolate chip cookie to the menu as a reward for simply making it to lunch.  Knowing the issues I had faced earlier in the day, a woman that works for me brought me back another cookie from a local bakery.  She is very thoughtful and I went ahead and ate this one too as I had earned it.

I really hope Wednesday isn't going to be a 2 cookie day!!

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