Monday, February 28, 2011

Sweet Perfection

I took Abby to see Disney on Ice yesterday.  She is easily overwhelmed in new and chaotic environments.  For those of you who have never experienced Disney on Ice, it is slightly chaotic.  Kids are wandering in different directions, focused on all the fun lights and colorful displays.  I wasn't sure how she was going to do. 

There was 25 minutes until the show started and Abby wanted to get out of the maze of people walking around.  She wanted to sit in her seat, and didn't want to leave.  Every 30 seconds, maybe more frequently, she asked "are they coming out yet, mommy?".  I kept telling her how much time we had left to wait.  She was patient, looked around, soaked it all in and asked a lot of questions. 

When the show started, her eyes widened, she gasped and put her hands over her mouth and smiled.  She loved it.  Well, she loved almost all of it.  There was only one act she could have done without and thankfully it was early on.  Abby sat still the entire time (1 hr 45 mins).  She watched and danced in her seat.  She clapped and waved at the princesses as they skated by (we were only 2 rows off the ice, so we were close to all the action).  Abby recognized every single one of the characters, even helping me out on occasion.  She did not even want to walk around during the intermission, she didn't want to risk missing anything. 

When the show was over, she was still smiling and clapping.  She turned to me and asked if Mickey and Minnie and Buzz Lightyear and Jessie and Woody and Donald and Daisy could come over to her house.  She wanted to have a play date with them.

Moments like this bring tears to my eyes because I am extremely touched by her innocence and the pure look of joy on her face.  She was in awe.  It was sweet perfection!

Then we got home and tried putting Abby down for her nap/quiet time.  She was still processing the show and was wound up like I've never seen her.  She went to sleep later than normal, which meant we had to wake her up at 4:30pm and that is NEVER fun.

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