Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thanks for the Flexibility - Tuesday Went Something Like This

On Monday, I had a post that talked about flexibility in the work place and how I was thankful that I have such flexibility.  I tempted fate...  

Monday evening, Steve asked if he could leave a little earlier than normal for work on Tuesday.  No early meetings for me, so it seemed like an okay idea...

Tuesday morning is going along normally, no real issues.  I'm on target to leave the house at 8am for work.  At about 7:59am, I look at my iphone and notice a text message from our nanny.  She sent a message at 6:30am letting us know she wasn't going to make it work today because she was sick.  I really should make it a habit of checking my phone earlier in the morning...

Okay, I had meetings starting at noon that I couldn't miss.  Steve had already left for work, Abby needed to get to preschool by 8:30am, etc...  I scramble to get the kids ready to take Abby to school.  When I go to load them into the car, I realize that Steve hadn't put Emily's car seat back in.  Since the previous day was Presidents day, Steve, Abby, Abby's friend and her Daddy went to San Francisco.  We had taken Emily's car seat out, so we could put the friend's car seat in.

My text message to Steve went something like this:
Thx for putting Em's car seat back in my car.  Pls reread with sarcasm and fury!

Once I collect myself, I go back into the house, then get out the double stroller and we walk to Preschool.  Thankfully it was a beautiful day!  We are only 25 minutes late, not a big deal.  I offered to let the teacher's keep Emily too, with the agreement that I would be back by 6pm to collect both of them.  They didn't buy it, darn it!

On my walk back from the Preschool, I stopped to get coffee.  Trying to push a double stroller that only has single occupancy with one hand and drink coffee with the other just led to me spilling coffee all over my hand and the stroller.  We got home, I put Emily down for her nap and just stared at the TV for about 30 minutes.  It was on, but I was not processing or even absorbing the contents of the Today Show. 

Steve ended up coming home at 11:45 and I made it to work for my 12 noon meeting.  My short commute comes in handy.  I'm still trying to catch up from the half day of lost time, but no one at work pestered me, bothered me or put pressure on me for coming into the office late or not being 'online' in the morning.  Thanks for the flexibility, I needed it!

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