Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Last Night - Can I Have a Do-Over?

Last night went something like this....

12:30am I went to sleep.

1:05am Abby woke up crying because she couldn't find her Barbie.

1:47am Murphy was trying to navigate our none to spacious bedroom with a cone on his head (Murphy is our dog, a Golden Retriever) and bumping into everything.

3:02am Abby woke up crying again because she missed her Daddy.

3:55am Murphy moves around again, scratches the cone and plops down on the hardwood floors.

5:26am Emily starts crying, but puts herself back to sleep after 20 minutes.

6:24am Emily wakes up for the day.

7:00am I finally got out of bed.

I flew solo last night. Steve was away on business and I'm glad he'll be home today. I am supposed to reconcile millions of dollars of data at work in a couple hours. Coffee is going to be my best friend.

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