Monday, February 7, 2011

The Weekend in Review & The Week Ahead

The weekend was loaded with great visits with family and friends!  The week ahead will prove to be a bit challenging to fit it all in, but somehow it will get done.  

The Weekend in Review (in chronological order)…
  • Walked the dog to the local Starbuck’s, with kids in the double stroller
  • Abby and I went to a brunch with my college friends
  • When we got home from the brunch, Grandma (my mom) and Gramps and Jammy (in-laws) were at our house, we had lunch then the girls went down for a nap and the in-laws left
  • After naps, we celebrated my Mom’s birthday with almost BBQ’d filet*, roasted sweet potatoes, salad and lemon meringue pie

  • Steve played tennis
  • When he got home I went to the gym
  • When Emily woke up for her nap, Steve and Grandma met me at the gym with the girls for a swim and lunch
  • When the girls went down for their naps, Grandma left, Steve and I prepped for a mellow super bowl party with our neighbors, hit the grocery store and refilled propane tanks for the BBQ
  • Sunday evening was spent tidying up and I started packing for our trip to the snow

The Week Ahead:
  • I have my team in from out of town so will be in meetings with them a lot this week
  • A going away lunch for a co-worker
  • A work baby shower that I’m hosting
  • A team dinner on Wednesday evening
  • Our house cleaners come on Thursday morning, which means we need to pick up the house Wednesday evening
  • We head to the snow for a couple days and I need to get all the girls things packed
  • Need to do my laundry and get myself packed for the snow

This week will be productive, busy, and I’m sure at times a bit stressful.  I’m looking forward to a few days away from work with my family, to see Abby ski for the first time and Emily play in the snow for the first time.  And of course, watch Murphy play in the snow until he’s so tired he can barely walk. 

*’Almost BBQ’d’ is defined as steaks that were half done when the propane tank ran out and had to be finished in the oven. 

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